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Astronomy For All Ages

Cosmic Challenge

The Deep Sky: An Introduction


The Illustrated Timeline of the Universe

The Space Shuttle

Star Ware, 4th edition

Star Watch

Touring the Universe Through Binoculars



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Articles published in major astronomical periodicals

Jun 1988

Seeing Double

Jul 1989

Ten Best Double Stars

Jul 1990

Scanning the Scutum Star Cloud

Dec 1990

Challenging Winter Nebulae

Feb 1991

Exploring Open Clusters in Canis Major 

Jul 1991

Journey to the Center of the Galaxy

Sep 1992

Hunting Down the Helix

Mar 1994

Running a Celestial Marathon

Jun 1994

Tracking Down a Quasar

Jun 1998

Getting to the Focal Point

Aug 1998

Film Noir, Pixel Perfect

Explore the Universe 1999

The Scoop on Scopes

Mar 1999

Test Report: Celestar 8

Apr 1999

Mars 1999

Oct 1999

Falling for Jupiter and Saturn

Explore the Universe 2000

Telescopes 2000

Dec 1999

Shoot the Moon in Shadow

Jan 2000

The Sunny Side of Stargazing

Apr 2000


Paired Vixens (Test Report: Vixen 125-mm zoom binoculars)

Into the Realm of Galaxies

Aug 2000

Gimme Shelter (Test Report: portable observatories) 

Sep 2000

Goin' Steady (Test Report: binocular mounts) 

Explore the Universe 2001

Astronomical Accessories 2001

Apr 2001

Here Comes the Sun (Test Report: solar filters) 

Jun 2001

Everything You Need to Know About Binoculars  

Sep 2001

Who Let the Dobs Out (Test Report: 12.5-inch Discovery Truss Design and 15-inch Obsession Newtonian reflectors)

Explore the Universe 2002

Fifty First-Time Telescopes (That are Sure to Please)

Oct 2001

The Next Generation (Test Report: JMI NGT 6 reflector)

Nov 2001

The Simpler...The Better (Test Report: Tele Vue TV102 refractor)

Mar 2002

Messier Marathon: Ready, Set, Go

May 2002

Russian-Made Telescopes (Test Report: LOMO Maksutovs)

Jun 2002

A Happy Medium (Test Report: Celestron G-9.25)

Jul 2002

Two for One Messier Viewing

Astronomy 101: Cleaning Optics

Aug 2002


Back to Basics with Binoculars

Astronomy 101: Collimating a Newtonian reflector

Oct 2002

Refractor Road Test (Test Report: Four 80-90mm refractors)

Explore the Universe 2003

Fifty Nifty Telescopes

Nov 2002

Beginner Telescopes (Test report: Three 4.5-inch reflectors)

Jan 2003

Going Global (Test report: Celestron NexStar 8 GPS)

Mar 2003 Star-test Your Telescope

Apr 2003


All-in-One Filter (Test report: Sirius Optics VFS-1.25 filter)

Two Eyes on the Sky (Test report: Giant binoculars)

May 2003 { Eclipses and Transits
High-power Twin Optics (Test report: 100-mm binoculars)
Aug 2003 Filtering the Sky
Oct 2003 Off-axis Vision (Test report: DGM OA-3.6ATS reflector)
Explore the Universe 2004 Top 25 Products
Jan 2004 Orionís StarBlast (Test report: Orion StarBlast reflector)
Feb 2004 JMIís RB-66 binoscope (Test report: JMI RB-66 binocular telescope)
Mar 2004 TAL's 150K and 200K (Test report: TAL 150K and 200K Kletzsov-Cassegrain telescopes)
Apr 2004 Choosing a star atlas
May 2004 Orion's Atlas 8 (Test report: Orion Atlas 8 reflector)
Jun 2004

Challenge Objects: Summer 2004 (

Aug 2004 Celestron's Advanced Series telescopes (Test report: Celestron C8N-GT and C8S-GT)
Sep 2004 Challenge Objects: Autumn 2004 (
Dec 2004 Challenge Objects: Winter 2004-2005 (
Feb 2005 Backpack this Scope (Test report: Celestron Explorascope)
Mar 2005 Challenge Objects: Spring 2005 (
Apr 2005 Binoculars Under $100 (Test report: inexpensive 10x50 binoculars)
Jun 2005 Binocular Universe: Star clusters heat up
Jun 2005 Challenge objects: Summer 2005 (
Jul 2005 Binocular Universe: A tail's tale

Aug 2005


Secret Weapons (Test report: Nebula/Light Pollution Reduction filters)

Binocular Universe: I'm a little teapot...

Sep 2005 Binocular Universe: Open a star window
Sep 2005 Challenge objects: Autumn 2005 (
Oct 2005 Binocular Universe: The Swan delights
Nov 2005

Bringing the stars down to Earth

Binocular Universe: Connect the dots

Dec 2005 Binocular Universe: A visitorís guide to the Andromeda Galaxy
Dec 2005 Challenge objects: Winter 2005-2006 (
Jan 2006 Binocular Universe: A hero for the ages
Feb 2006 Binocular Universe: Meet the hunter
Mar 2006 {

Binocular Universe: Visit the Charioteer

Have lens, will travel (Test report: Two 80-mm refractors)

Mar 2006 Challenge objects: Spring 2006 (
Apr 2006 Binocular Universe: Two crabby clusters
May 2006 Binocular Universe: Big Dipper; part one
Jun 2006 Binocular Universe: Big Dipper, part two
Jul 2006 Binocular Universe: It's Superman!
Aug 2006 Binocular Universe: My favorite month
Sep 2006 Binocular Universe: Target the arrow
Oct 2006 {

Binocular Universe: Meet Mr. October

Head of the glass (Test report: Stellarvue SV4 refractor)
Nov 2006 Binocular Universe: Entertain the Queen
Dec 2006 Binocular Universe: A Celestial Bull Ride
Dec 2006 Urban skies (4-part series available on only)
Jan 2007 Binocular Universe: Cascading down the Giraffe's neck
Feb 2007 Binocular Universe: The hunter becomes the hunted

Mar 2007


Binocular Universe: The skyís "Best in show"

Attend an Internet star party

Celestron's new Schmidt-Cassegrain (Test report: Celestron C6-SGT)

Apr 2007

Binocular Universe: The Lion's Roar

Orion's new 4-inch powerhouse (Test report: Orion Sirius 100ED refractor)

May 2007 Binocular Universe: Gone to the Dogs
Jun 2007 Binocular Universe: Apollo Landing Sites
Jul 2007 Binocular Universe: Here's what the doctor ordered
Aug 2007 Binocular Universe: Time for Tea
Sep 2007 Binocular Universe: Strum the Harp
Oct 2007 Binocular Universe: Spying the sky's wet quarter
Nov 2007 {

Binocular Universe: The sky's Triangle

Astrolight reflectors offer quality optics (Test report: Parks AZ6 and AZ8 reflectors)

Dec 2007 {

Binocular Universe: Winterís swarming fireflies

The Skypod mount performs superbly (Test report: Vixen VMC100L & Skypod mount)

Jan 2008 Binocular Universe: Tour two more clusters in Taurus
Feb 2008 Binocular Universe: Meet the colorful Gemini twins
Mar 2008 {

Binocular Universe: A small tour of the Big Dog

Orion's new binocular telescope tested (Test report: Vixen VMC100L & Skypod mount)

Apr 2008 Binocular Universe: Get a head start on the Hydra
May 2008 Binocular Universe: Peruse the Water Snakeís other half
Jun 2008 Binocular Universe: Observing artificial satellites
Jul 2008 Binocular Universe: The Antares gang
Aug 2008 Binocular Universe: Observing a Messier line-up
Sep 2008 Binocular Universe: The Cygnus Arm flexes its muscle

Oct 2008


Binocular Universe: Cepheus' fall delights

Astronomy's guide to Go-to telescopes

Nov 2008 {

Binocular Universe: Calling on Cassiopeia

Vixen's giant binoculars among largest sold

Dec 2008 Binocular Universe: It's a Wonderful Star
Jan 2009 Binocular Universe: Follow the Charioteer
Feb 2009 Binocular Universe: The Winter Triangle
Mar 2009 Binocular Universe: Messier Madness
Apr 2009 Binocular Universe: Comb through Coma Berenices

May 2009


Binocular Universe: Survey the Southern Sky

25 Top Telescopes for Starry Nights

July 2009 Explore planetary nebulae in Cygnus
Aug 2009 Orion's truss-tube scope offers power and portability (Test report: Orion SkyQuest XX12)
Mar 2010 Astro-Tech's AT6RC offers great imaging on a budget (Test report: Astro-Tech AT6RC Cassegrain)
Apr 2010 Meade's LightSwitch technology makes observing a snap (Test report: Meade LS-6 ACF)
May 2010 10 Top Summer Binocular Treats
Aug 2010 Challenge Yourself with the Palomar Globular Clusters
Sep 2010 Astronomy's First Annual Star Products
Oct 2010 10 Top Autumn Binocular Treats
Jan 2011 10 Top Winter Binocular Treats
Mar 2011 Farpoint's Small Refracting Telescope Delivers Big Results
Apr 2011 {

10 Top Spring Binocular Treats

Zhumellís 25x100 Binoculars Capture Lots of Light

Jun 2011


10 Great Summer Binocular Sights

Meet the PowerNewt

Sep 2011 Astronomy's Second Annual Star Products
Feb 2012 10 Great Winter Binocular Sights
May 2012 10 Great Spring Binocular Sights
Jul 2012 13 Great Summer Binocular Sights
Sep 2012 Astronomy's Third Annual Star Products
May 2013 Explore 11 Spring Binocular Gems
Jul 2013 Astronomy Tests Oberwerk's 45į 70mm Binocular Telescope
Sep 2013 Astronomy's Fourth Annual Star Products
Oct 2013 10 Great Autumn Binocular Sights
Dec 2013 11 Top Winter Binocular Gems
Mar 2014 Explore the Virgo Cluster through Binoculars
Jun 2014 Testing Sky-Watcher USA's New Refractor
Jul 2014 {

Astronomy tests Celestron's StarSense

12 Sweet Summer Bino Treats

Sep 2014 Astronomy's Fifth Annual Star Products
Oct 2014 Tour 10 Autumn Binocular Highlights
Jan 2015 10 Top Winter Binocular Treats
Feb 2015 iOptron's CEM60 Mount Tested
Aug 2015 Tour 10 Fall Binocular Treats
Aug 2015 Blog: Phil Harrington reports from Stellafane
Sep 2015 Astronomy's Sixth Annual Star Products
Jan 2016 Holiday Gift-Giver's Guide
Feb 2016 11 Top Winter Binocular Treats
May 2016 10 Tempting Spring Binocular Targets
Jul 2016 Binocular Universe: Exploring Hercules
Aug 2016 Binocular Universe: Treasures of Sagittarius
Sep 2016 Binocular Universe: Lyra's Summer Bino Treats
Oct 2016 {

Astronomy's Seventh Annual Star Products

Binocular Universe: Gems in Cygnus

Nov 2016 Binocular Universe: Exploring Pegasus
Dec 2016 {

Binocular Universe: Going Deep for Andromeda

How to Observe Colorful Open Clusters

Putting iOptron's New Mount to the Test

Jan 2017 {

Binocular Universe: Target Open Clusters

Finding Patterns in the Sky

Feb 2017 Binocular Universe: Orion's Sword
Mar 2017 {

Binocular Universe: The Star Clusters of Puppis

How to Care for Your Telescope

Sky-Watcher USA's New Compound Scope

May 2017 Binocular Universe: Deep-sky Objects in Cancer
Jun 2017 {

Binocular Universe: Great Ursa Major Galaxies

25 Hot Eclipse Products

Jul 2017 Binocular Universe: Summertime Clusters
Aug 2017 Binocular Universe: Eclipse Time!
Sep 2017 Binocular Universe: Rogue Globular Clusters
Oct 2017 Binocular Universe: Exploring Capricornus
Nov 2017 {

Binocular Universe: Sparkling Star Clusters

Observing with Both Eyes Open

Dec 2017 Binocular Universe: The Triangulum Galaxy
Jan 2018 Binocular Universe: Wonders of the Big Dog
Feb 2018 {

Binocular Universe: Winter Star Clusters

Hunt Orion's Deep-Sky Gems

Mar 2018 Binocular Universe: Star Clusters in Monoceros
Apr 2018 {

Binocular Universe: The Leo Trio Plus One

Spring's Best and Brightest Galaxies

May 2018 Binocular Universe: A Great Glob Under the Radar
Jun 2018 Binocular Universe: Check Out the Big Dipper!
Jul 2018 Binocular Universe: Scorpion Treasures
Aug 2018 Binocular Universe: Remembering John Davis
Sep 2018 {

Binocular Universe: The Coathanger

We Test Vixen's HR Eyepieces

Oct 2018 Binocular Universe: The Other Andromeda
Nov 2018 Our Eighth Annual Star Products
Dec 2018 {

Binocular Universe: Sighting the Queen

Observe Shadow Play on the Moon

Jan 2019 Binocular Universe: Little Known Taurus Treasures
Feb 2019 Binocular Universe: Treats in Taurus
Mar 2019 Binocular Universe: A Dog's Tail
Apr 2019 {

Binocular Universe: Into the Lion's Den

We Test Sky-Watcher USA's EvoStar 150

May 2019
{ Binocular Universe: Stargate to the Sombrero
The Life and Death of Stars in Scorpius
Jun 2019 Binocular Universe: Let's Go Asteroiding
Jul 2019 Binocular Universe: The Dark Side
Aug 2019 Binocular Universe: Become a Binocular Olympian
Sep 2019 Binocular Universe: The Stars of Lyra
Oct 2019 Our Ninth Annual Star Products
Nov 2019 Binocular Universe: A Pair of Royal Subjects
Dec 2019 Binocular Universe: The Queen's Court
Jan 2020 Binocular Universe: Colorful Winter Stars
Feb 2020 Test Report: Celestronís Nature Binoculars
Mar 2020 Binocular Universe: A Month of Change
Apr 2020 Binocular Universe: Going to the Dogs
May 2020 Binocular Universe: Curve to Corvus and Beyond
Jul 2020 Binocular Universe: Riches of the Scorpion
Aug 2020 Binocular Universe: Explore Sagittarius
Sep 2020 Binocular Universe: A Dolphin's Tale
Oct 2020
{ Binocular Universe: The Wonderful Variable Star
Our Tenth Annual Star Products
Nov 2020 Binocular Universe: A Whaleís Tale
Dec 2020 Binocular Universe: Dissecting Andromeda
Feb 2021 Binocular Universe: Bound Across the Sky
Mar 2021 Binocular Universe: Exploring Camelopardalis
Apr 2021
{ Binocular Universe: A Hair-Raising Cluster
Filters for Observing the Sun

May 2021


Binocular Universe: Getting a Handle on It

We test Celestronís StarSense Explorer

June 2021

Binocular Universe: A June Honeymoon

July 2021


Binocular Universe: Summer jewels

The Magic Behind Telescope Mirrors

Aug 2021

Binocular Universe: A Gaggle of Globulars

Sep 2021


Binocular Universe: Leapin' Lizard

Explore the sky with Oberwerkís 20◊65 ED Deluxe binoculars

Oct 2021

Our 11th annual Star Products

Nov 2021 Binocular Universe: Ice Fishing
Dec 2021 Binocular Universe: Revisit the Giraffe
Jan 2022 101 Cosmic Objects You Must See
Feb 2022 Binocular Universe: Celestial Light Show
Mar 2022 Binocular Universe: Unicorn Treasures
Apr 2022 Binocular Universe: Hiding in Hydra
May 2022 Binocular Universe: Dipping Deep
Jun 2022 {

Binocular Universe: Scottyís Triangle

First Scopes for Adults

Aug 2022


Binocular Universe: Poniatowskiís Bull

Scopes for City Dwellers

Sep 2022 Binocular Universe: Off the Beaten Path
Oct 2022


Binocular Universe: 


       Feb 1998

Photos in Eclipse

Mar 1999

Choosing Binoculars 

Binocular Universe

Jun 2009

Binocular Universe: The Heart of the Scorpion

Jul 2009

Binocular Universe: A Month of Luna-See

Aug 2009

Binocular Universe: A Clearing in the Clouds

Sep 2009

Binocular Universe: The Coathanger

Oct 2009

Binocular Universe: Bikini Bottom

Nov 2009

Binocular Universe: The Double Cluster and Friends

Dec 2009

Binocular Universe: Subaru

Jan 2010

Binocular Universe: Hitting Below the Belt

Feb 2010

Binocular Universe: Tales of the Unicorn

Mar 2010

Binocular Universe: A Dynamic Universe

Apr 2010

Binocular Universe: Hydra's Head

May 2010

Binocular Universe: Berenice's Hair

Jun 2010

Binocular Universe: Two Late Spring Globular Clusters

Jul 2010

Binocular Universe: A Pair of Stingingly Beautiful Clusters

Aug 2010

Binocular Universe: Surfing Serpens

Sep 2010

Binocular Universe: Sly Fox

Oct 2010

Binocular Universe: The Swan and the Lizard

Nov 2010

Binocular Universe: Hail to the Queen

Dec 2010

Binocular Universe: You're My Hero!

Jan 2011

Binocular Universe: Oh, Bull!

Feb 2011

Binocular Universe: Mission: Impossible

Mar 2011

Binocular Universe: Putting Our Best Foot Forward

Apr 2011

Binocular Universe: A Galactic Dynamic Duo

May 2011

Binocular Universe: Curving to Corvus

Jun 2011

Binocular Universe: Jack and Jill

Jul 2011

Binocular Universe: The Table of Scorpius

Aug 2011

Binocular Universe: A Spot of Celestial Tea

Sep 2011

Binocular Universe: Summer's Swan Song

Oct 2011

Binocular Universe: A Trio of Autumn Globulars

Nov 2011

Binocular Universe: Some Royal Clusters

Dec 2011

Binocular Universe: Southern Treasures

Jan 2012

Binocular Universe: More Bull!

Feb 2012

Binocular Universe: Aurigan Treasures

Mar 2012

Binocular Universe: Hereís the Poop

Apr 2012

Binocular Universe: The Lion's Den

May 2012

Binocular Universe: Bear Facts and Dog Duty

Jun 2012

Binocular Universe: Some Lunar Lakes, Bays, and Marshes

Jul 2012

Binocular Universe: Hero of Song and Story

Aug 2012

Binocular Universe: The 13th Sign

Sep 2012

Binocular Universe: Sagittarian Secrets

Oct 2012

Binocular Universe: Lyre, Lyre

Nov 2012

Binocular Universe: Next Stop: Andromeda

Dec 2012

Binocular Universe: Lamplighter

Jan 2013

Binocular Universe: Orion's Arm

Feb 2013

Binocular Universe: The Winter Triangle

Mar 2013

Binocular Universe: Northern Exposure

Apr 2013

Binocular Universe: Let's Play Hydra and Seek

May 2013

Binocular Universe: Songs of the Deep South

Jun 2013

Binocular Universe: Some Crown Jewels

Jul 2013

Binocular Universe: The Eagle Has Landed

Aug 2013

Binocular Universe: Taking Aim at the Archer

Sep 2013

Binocular Universe: The Night of the Dolphin

Oct 2013

Binocular Universe: Horsing Around

Nov 2013

Binocular Universe: A Whale of a Tail

Dec 2013

Binocular Universe: Connect the Dots

Jan 2014

Binocular Universe: The Hare and the Dove

Feb 2014

Binocular Universe: More Poop

Mar 2014

Binocular Universe: Messier Madness

Apr 2014

Binocular Universe: A Few Hairy Objects

May 2014

Binocular Universe: Balancing Act

Jun 2014

Binocular Universe: Pareidolic Pandemonium

Jul 2014

Binocular Universe: Barlow Bobís Star

Aug 2014

Binocular Universe: For the Birds

Sep 2014

Binocular Universe: Flying High

Oct 2014

Binocular Universe: Double Duty

Nov 2014

Binocular Universe: Trumpler's Triangle

Dec 2014

Binocular Universe: California Dreamin'

Jan 2015

Binocular Universe: Happy New Year

Feb 2015

Binocular Universe: Going to the Dogs

Mar 2015

Binocular Universe: All Pooped Out

Apr 2015

Binocular Universe: The Kings Meet

May 2015

Binocular Universe: Project Moonwatch 2015

Jun 2015

Binocular Universe: Letís Go Fly a Kite

Jul 2015

Binocular Universe: Once in a Blue Moon

Aug 2015

Binocular Universe: Tea Time

Sep 2015

Binocular Universe: Houston's Triangle

Oct 2015

Binocular Universe: Gone Fishin'

Nov 2015

Binocular Universe: Out of the Frying Pan and into the...

Dec 2015

Binocular Universe: Hunting Big Game!

Jan 2016

Binocular Universe: Backyard Evolution

Feb 2016

Binocular Universe: South for the Winter

Mar 2016

Binocular Universe: North for the Spring

Apr 2016

Binocular Universe: Into the Realm

May 2016

Binocular Universe: The Wonderful Universe of Color

Jun 2016

Binocular Universe: So Long, and Thanks for the Fish


Cosmic Challenge

Jul 2016

Cosmic Challenge: Galaxies Around M13

Aug 2016

Cosmic Challenge: NGC 6803 and NGC 6804

Sep 2016

Cosmic Challenge: NGC 6886 and NGC 6905

Oct 2016

Cosmic Challenge: Pease 1

Nov 2016

Cosmic Challenge: IC 5146 and B168

Dec 2016

Cosmic Challenge: Globular Clusters in the Fornax Dwarf Galaxy

Jan 2017

Cosmic Challenge: Barnard's Loop

Feb 2017

Cosmic Challenge: A Case of Mistaken Identity

Mar 2017

Cosmic Challenge: Jonckheere 900

Apr 2017

Cosmic Challenge: Leo I

May 2017

Cosmic Challenge: The Antennae

Jun 2017

Cosmic Challenge: Lunar craters Messier & Messier A

Jul 2017

Cosmic Challenge: M13's Propeller

Aug 2017

Cosmic Challenge: Shadow Bands

Sep 2017

Cosmic Challenge: 61 Cygni, Piazzi's Flying Star

Oct 2017

Cosmic Challenge: Stephan's Quintet

Nov 2017

Cosmic Challenge: NGC 404

Dec 2017

Cosmic Challenge: Abell Galaxy Cluster 426

Jan 2018

Cosmic Challenge: Alphabet Soup

Feb 2018

Cosmic Challenge: The Orion Galaxy

Mar 2018

Cosmic Challenge: NGC 2419

Apr 2018

Cosmic Challenge: Leo II

May 2018

Cosmic Challenge: M109

Jun 2018

Cosmic Challenge: Glimpsing Vesta

Jul 2018

Cosmic Challenge: Dissecting M101

Aug 2018

Cosmic Challenge: Campbell's Hydrogen Star

Sep 2018

Cosmic Challenge: North America Nebula

Oct 2018

Cosmic Challenge: Einstein's Cross

Nov 2018

Cosmic Challenge: NGC 147 and NGC 185

Dec 2018

Cosmic Challenge: Globular clusters in M31

Jan 2019

Cosmic Challenge: Jonckheere 320

Feb 2019

Cosmic Challenge: Sharpless 2-301

Mar 2019

Cosmic Challenge: NGC 2363 and NGC 2366

Apr 2019

Cosmic Challenge: Leo III

May 2019

Cosmic Challenge: M51's Spiral Arms

Jun 2019

Cosmic Challenge: Apollo Landing Sites

Jul 2019

Cosmic Challenge: Lunar craters Armstrong, Aldrin, and Collins

Aug 2019

Cosmic Challenge: Planetary nebula IC 4732

Sep 2019 Cosmic Challenge: Emission Nebula Simeis 57
Oct 2019 Cosmic Challenge: The Deer Lick Group
Nov 2019 Cosmic Challenge: Satellites of Uranus
Dec 2019 Cosmic Challenge: NGC 1 and NGC 2
Jan 2020 Cosmic Challenge: NGC 1535
Feb 2020 Cosmic Challenge: NGC 2298
Mar 2020 Cosmic Challenge: Arp 82
Apr 2020 Cosmic Challenge: Leo Trio 2
May 2020 Cosmic Challenge: Two Pairs
Jun 2020 Cosmic Challenge: Rupes Recta (Straight Wall), Huygen's Sword, Birt, and Rima Birt
Jul 2020 Cosmic Challenge: Seyfert's Sextet
Aug 2020 Cosmic Challenge:  NGC 6445, The Box Nebula
Sep 2020 Cosmic Challenge: Ring Nebula Central Star and Galaxy IC 1296
Oct 2020 Cosmic Challenge: Spotting Uranus
Nov 2020 Cosmic Challenge: The Eye of Mars
Dec 2020 Cosmic Challenge: NGC 1360
Jan 2021 Cosmic Challenge: Simeis 147
Feb 2021 Cosmic Challenge: NGC 2438
Mar 2021 Cosmic Challenge: Zeta Cancri
Apr 2021 Cosmic Challenge: Abell Galaxy Cluster (AGC) 1060
May 2021 Cosmic Challenge: Markarian's Chain
Jun 2021 Cosmic Challenge: Alcor and Mizar
Jul 2021 Cosmic Challenge: Mons Hadley and Hadley Rill
Aug 2021 Cosmic Challenge: Planetary Nebula GJJC-1
Sep 2021 Cosmic Challenge: A Trio of Binaries
Oct 2021 Cosmic Challenge: The Elephants Trunk
Nov 2021 Cosmic Challenge: The Southern Pinwheel
Dec 2021 Cosmic Challenge: Abell Galaxy Cluster 373
Jan 2022 Cosmic Challenge: Horsehead Nebula (Barnard 33)
Feb 2022 Cosmic Challenge: Sirius and the Pup
Mar 2022 Cosmic Challenge: Beehive Galaxies
Apr 2022 Cosmic Challenge: Polarissima
May 2022 Cosmic Challenge: Quasar 3C 273
Jun 2022 Cosmic Challenge: Izar (Epsilon BoŲtis)
Jul 2022 Cosmic Challenge: Abell Galaxy Cluster 2065
Aug 2022 Cosmic Challenge: Great Dark Horse Nebula
Sep 2022 Cosmic Challenge: IC 5217, the Little Saturn Nebula



       Summer 1983

Looking to the Center of the Galaxy

Winter 1983

Night of the Hunter

Summer 1984

Summertimeís Swan Song

Summer 1985

Secrets of the Summer Sky

Winter 1985

Deep-Sky Objects in Auriga and Gemini

Spring 1986

On the Trail of Halley

Winter 1986

Sailing Aboard the Argo Navis

Winter 1987

Treasures of the Unicorn

Summer 1988

Deep-Sky Wonders in Ophiuchus, Serpens, and Scutum 

Winter 1988

Taking the Bull by the Horns in Taurus

Winter 1990

The Missing Lynx

Spring 1989 through

Winter 1991

Column: Challenge Objects

          Jun 1989 

The Story of Stellafane 


Night Sky Roundup - A Year of Stargazing

  • Sky & Telescope magazine

Jan 1985

A Messier Marathon

Aug 1986

Observerís Guide to Globular Clusters -I

Sep 1986

Observerís Guide to Globular Clusters -II

Mar 1987

Book Review: Amateur Astronomerís Catalog of 500 Deep-Sky Objects

Jan 1988

Exploring the Fornax Galaxy Cluster

Sep 1988

Searching for Stephanís Quintet

Apr 1989

A Bowlful of Galaxies

Jul 1989

Book Review: Guide to Amateur Astronomy

Oct 1989

Observerís Guide to Diffuse Nebulae - I

Apr 1990

Book Review: Deep Space Field Plan

Jul 1990

Observerís Guide to Diffuse Nebulae - II

Apr 1991

Observerís Guide to Diffuse Nebulae - III

Aug 1991

Observerís Guide to Dark Nebulae

Nov 1991

Book Review: Visual Astronomy of the Deep Sky

Feb 1992

South for the Winter

Apr 1992

Observerís Guide to Open Clusters - I

Jul 1992

Observerís Guide to Open Clusters - II

Jan 1993

Binocular Star-Hop in Orion

Jun 1993

A Star-Hop in the Dipperís Bowl

Oct 1993

Observerís Guide to Galaxies - I

Mar 1994

Observerís Guide to Galaxies - II

Jul 1994

Observerís Guide to Galaxies - III

Jul 1995

Test Report: Nebula Filters for Light-Polluted Skies

     Mar 1994 through Sep 1997

Column: Binocular Highlights

          May 1998

My Favorite Asterisms