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Total Lunar Eclipse of 2003 March 3-4


Against all weather predictions, including my local Clear Sky Clock, the March 3 lunar eclipse was well seen from this neck of the woods.  The eclipse itself began before moonrise for the eastern United States.  Missing the opening stages was further complicated by clouds around sunset.  Miraculously, however, the sky cleared about 30 minutes after moonrise, allowing me an unimpeded view of the end of totality and the closing umbral stages.

Overall, the color of totality was quite striking. I was a little surprised, however, by how dark the southern edge of the Moon appeared, especially since the Moon missed the true central portion of the umbra.

The photos below were taken at the prime focus of my 4-inch f/10 Vixen refractor using a Canon Digital Rebel (300D) digital single-lens reflex camera set at ISO 200.  Each exposure was 4 seconds.  Click on each for a larger view.

7095.jpg (471322 bytes)   7101.jpg (663614 bytes)