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Astronomy For All Ages

The Deep Sky: An Introduction


The Illustrated Timeline of the Universe

The Space Shuttle

Star Ware, 4th edition

Star Watch

Touring the Universe Through Binoculars


The What, Where, When, Why, and How Guide to Watching Solar & Lunar Eclipses


Chapter 5  

Eclipse Photography

Topics covered Chapter updates Recommended reading

Topics covered

  • Equipment and Techniques

  • Setting the Mood

  • Darkroom Wizardry

Chapter 5 updates

  • Page 77 (first printing only).  The thickness of a penny is NOT 19 centimeters. It should state that the diameter of a penny is 1.9 centimeters or 19 millimeters.

  • Page 99 (first printing only).  The caption to Figure 5.11 shows the "125" in italics -- it shouldn't.

Recommended reading


    Web sites

  • Bob Yen's Eclipses

    • Astrophotographer Bob Yen's gallery of offbeat eclipse photos.

  • Dale Ireland's Eclipse Page

    • Dale Ireland's gallery of solar and lunar eclipse photographs.

  • Digital Eclipse

    • Adobe Senior Creative Director Russell Brown reveals the secrets of eclipse imaging with Adobe Photoshop 5.5 (and later versions).

  • High Moon

    • Olivier Staiger's web site dedicated to eclipses and other transient astronomical events.


    • NASA's eclipse expert, Fred Espenak's personal web site highlighting eclipse photography.