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Astronomy For All Ages

The Deep Sky: An Introduction


Illustrated Timeline of the Universe

Space Shuttle: A Photographic History

Star Ware, 4th edition

Star Watch

Touring the Universe Through Binoculars



Star Ware

4th edition

On-line extra index



As promised throughout Star Ware's fourth (2007) edition, each chapter has supplemental material to augment, expand, and update the material in print.  The supplemental material is found below, broken down by chapter.

Each supplemental chapter has been formatted as a PDF file to help in viewing and printing.  Therefore, to open a file, you must have Adobe Reader installed on your computer.  If you do not have that program, click here to download and install Adobe's free Reader program before proceeding.

Please realize that this is an ongoing project, and so the material found here today may well change -- in some cases, quite dramatically -- as time goes on.  Check back here often for additional updates.  To see which files have been updated, the date on the latest version is found next to each chapter link in the table below.

Note: To gain free access to Star Ware's on-line bonus reviews and supplemental material, you must first supply a login credential.  Please enter the following username and password when prompted:
  • Username: starware (all lower case)

  • Password: first word in the first sentence on page 273 of Star Ware's fourth edition (again, lower case)


Chapter title and contents

Latest update

Chapter 1

Parlez Vous "Telescope?"

none yet

Chapter 2

In the Beginning

none yet

Chapter 3

So You Want to Buy a Telescope

none yet

Chapter 4

Two Eyes are Better than One

*Additional binocular reviews

10 April 2007

Chapter 5

Attention Shoppers

*Additional telescope reviews

24 June 2008

Chapter 6

The "Eyes" Have It

* Further thoughts and a clarification about zoom eyepieces

8 February 2011

Chapter 7

The Right Stuff

*Plans for making a sight tube

19 May 2007

Chapter 8

The Homemade Astronomer

*Additional reference material on constructing equatorial platforms

*Improved LYBAR chair

*Star Watcher Observatory construction

26 November 2009

Chapter 9

Till Death Do You Part

*Links to telescope manuals

*GoTo Alignment Star Chart

29 March 2008

Chapter 10

A Few Tricks of the Trade

*List of annual conventions and star parties

*Observation report form

14 April 2007


Appendix C: Manufacturers

Appendix C: Dealers and Retailers

*North America



Appendix D: Observer's Packing List

12 August 2008


18 July 2009

2 June 2007

2 June 2007

19 May 2007