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Astronomy For All Ages

The Deep Sky: An Introduction


The Illustrated Timeline of the Universe

The Space Shuttle

Star Ware, 4th edition

Star Watch

Touring the Universe Through Binoculars



Star Watch

Become a Star Watcher!


Observing all of the Messier objects is quite an accomplishment for new amateur astronomers.  But spotting all of them plus dozens of other deep-sky objects is a real testimony that says you know the sky!

In the final chapter of Star Watch, readers are invited to send the author e-mail notification after they observe all* of the deep-sky objects listed in chapters 6 through 9.  By return e-mail, they will receive a Star Watcher certificate suitable for color printing and framing that is numbered and signed attesting to their achievement.

Directions.  To qualify for the Star Watcher Award, you need to observe all of the deep-sky objects in chapters 6 through 9.  If you prefer, use this checklist or this observation form to keep track of your progress.  (Both are in .PDF format, requiring Adobe Reader freeware to view.)

Once you spot them all*, fill out the form below and click on "submit."  (If you prefer, submit the same information directly by e-mail.)  That will automatically notify the author.  Once received, the author will prepare a customized certificate just for you, and return it via e-mail.  Be sure to select the certificate's format, either PDF or JPEG.  PDF is preferred if you are going to print it for framing, although Adobe Reader is required to view the file.

The names and towns of all award winners are published here.  If you prefer anonymity, just check the box on the form below and your name will be omitted from the list.


Chapter 6 (page 134) includes two galaxies --  NGC 4387 and NGC 4388 -- that really need an 8-inch telescope to be seen successfully.  Spotting them is NOT a requirement for the certificate.

Star Watcher Submission Form

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