Books by Philip S. Harrington

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Astronomy For All Ages

The Deep Sky: An Introduction


The Illustrated Timeline of the Universe

The Space Shuttle

Star Ware, 4th edition

Star Watch

Touring the Universe Through Binoculars


Star Watch

The Amateur Astronomer's Guide to Finding, Observing, and Learning about Over 125 Celestial Objects

Star Watch is a complete beginner's guide to finding and observing celestial objects.  To help readers get even more out of the book, the following chapter-by-chapter listing offers supplemental information, links, and recommended reading beyond the book itself.  Click on each chapter to learn more.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Your Passport to the Stars
Chapter 2 The Moon
Chapter 3 The Planets and Asteroids
Chapter 4 The Sun
Chapter 5 The Deep Sky
Chapter 6 Spring Sky Windows
Chapter 7 Summer Sky Windows
Chapter 8 Autumn Sky Windows
Chapter 9 Winter Sky Windows
Chapter 10 Epilogue: Afterthoughts

The Constellations


Planet Places 2003 - 2015


The Messier Catalog Plus

D. Bibliography and References