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Astronomy For All Ages

The Deep Sky: An Introduction


The Illustrated Timeline of the Universe

The Space Shuttle

Star Ware, 4th edition

Star Watch

Touring the Universe Through Binoculars


Touring the Universe Through Binoculars

Chapter 1.  Why Binoculars?

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Topics covered

  • The benefits of viewing the night sky using two eyes instead of only one.


Chapter 1 updates

  • None (so far)


Recommended reading




    Web sites

  • Best Binocular Reviews

    • Well researched site devoted to all aspects of binoculars, including reviews by the site's creator. His page on astronomical binoculars is of special interest.

  • Better View Desired

    • Designed specifically for birders, but with a lot of good advice for all binocular owners and purchasers.

  • Birding Binoculars and How They Work

    • Discusses binocular basics, including construction and features to look for when purchasing.

  • Optics4Birding Scorecard

    • Interesting way of evaluating up to four different binoculars side by side based on preferences and parameters.  Doesn't include all brands, but offers a good cross-section.