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Touring the Universe Through Binoculars

Chapter 5.  The Sun

Topics covered

Chapter updates

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Topics covered


    The view of our Sun is discussed, including the following highlights:

  • How to view the Sun safely

  • Visible features

  • Solar eclipses

Current solar image from

Solar Data Analysis Center.

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Chapter 5 updates

  • Page 54:

Table 5.1. 
Upcoming Total and Annular Solar Eclipses: 2010-2020


Date  (U.T.)

Type of eclipse

Zone of maximum eclipse

2010 January 15 Annular  Africa, Asia
2010 July 11 Total  Pacific, S. America
2012 May 20 Annular  Asia, USA
2012 November 13 Total  Australia, Pacific
2013 May 10 Annular  Australia, Pacific
2013 November 3 Total  Africa
2014 April 29 Annular  Antarctica
2015 March 20 Total  N. Atlantic, Iceland
2016 Mar 09 Total  Asia, Australia, Pacific
2016 Sep 01 Annular  Africa, Indian Ocean
2017 Feb 26 Annular  S. America, Atlantic, Africa, Antarctica
2017 Aug 21 Total  N. America, northern S. America
2019 Jul 02 Total  Pacific, S. America
2019 Dec 26 Annular  Asia, Australia
2020 Jun 21 Annular  Africa, Europe, Asia
2020 Dec 14 Total  Pacific, S. America, Antarctica



Recommended reading


  • Eclipse!; Harrington, P.; John Wiley & Sons, 1997; ISBN 0471127957.

  • Here Comes the Sun (test report on solar filters); Astronomy magazine, April 2001.

  • The Sunny Side of Stargazing; Astronomy magazine, January 2000.

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